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Biosensorials Anchor


biosensorial elements & Interfaces

Bioresponsive Ambient & Accent Lighting

Ambient Lumina: bioresponsive DMX ambient lighting imbue the atmosphere with delicate colors, directly expressing botanical interactions through subtly shifting hues.

Accent Lumina: LEDs interlaced with Lumilia mycelia modules, trees and botanical features modulate, morph and shimmer, to create luminous, bioresponsive accents to the lightscape.


Bioresponsive Nature-Inspired Projections

Bioresponsive projections hybridise echoes of nature with Botanica performance data enhancing the experience with a mesmerising visual accompaniment.

Projecta Performance

Bioresponsive Earthy Atmospherics

Botanical interactions generate gentle breeze, bubbles and mist from embedded botanical and organic sensors creating a playful, mystical micro-biosphere.


Bioresponsive Projections of Hybrid Nature

BioResponsive projections hybridise echoes of nature with participatory botanical data, connecting us to our living biosphere through an immersive visual atmosphere.

Micro projections, images of moss, wild micro-plants and organic textures gently undulate across our bodies, fusing our bodies with the earth.

Projecta Participatory

all images concepts and materials ©mileece 2022 all rights reserved

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