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biosensorial environments & Architecture

Bioresponsive Botanical Hide-Aways

Cosy yet accessible niches envelope participants in a leafy, biosensorial goves, creating a magical space to support more fluid groups, small or large. Can be configured as singular spaces or as features within botanical landscapes.


Restorative Bioresponsive Nests

Velvety bio-responsive lounges fitted create a lush and restorative space, perfect for small groups to sink into a state of natural wellbeing. Can be configured either as singular spaces or as features within botanical landscapes. Fabrication is required.


Biosensorial Biodomes

Fully integrated Biosensorial environment architecture. Orbia are the base tier of Biosensoriums; hybrid micro-biomes, creating a simulated wilderness environment, fused with immersive soundscapes, illuminations and imagery generated from its embedded interactive botanical biosensors and living landscape.


Hybrid Botanical Gardens

Meandering, botanical landscapes guide and delight, transforming large and small spaces into a bio-responsive experience. Can be configured as transitional pathways, or combined with the lounges, niches and groves.


Pop-Up Bioresponsive Retreats

Antique or custom-crafted self-contained modules, offer pop-up immersive sanctuaries for the most intimate and personalised biosensorial experience. Can be configured either as custom fabrications or within mini domes and zomes or caravans and busses.


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