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Due to the nature of custom configurations, lead times, venue parameters and other event-and production specifics, features and elements are proposed at their baseline cost (not less that 20kUSD). It is suggested that clients consider the categories within their financial bracket, proposing those that are of interest to be considered for a suitably generated proposal to strike balance with client budgets, technical feasibility, creative vision and scope of work.

To Note: In 2022 Mileece founded Re•world Fair, a fiscally sponsored programme of Re:wild, a 501c3 conservation organisation that protects and restores the wild. Re•world Fair serves to help 'create a culture of eco-citizenry' and is a recipient of a portion of all proceeds from Mileece's commissions. She also engages charity work on behalf of the organisation in exchange for direct, tax-deductaible sponsorships into the programme. 



Restorative Bioresponsive Nests

Set Up: 2-4 Days

Duration: Continuous

Fees & Costs: 65k Base


Biosensorial Biodomes

Set Up: 75 Days

Duration: Continuous

Fees & Costs: 150k Base


Hybrid Botanical Gardens

Set Up: 2-6 Days

Duration: Continuous

Fees & Costs: 75k Base


Bioresponsive Botanical Hide-Aways

Set Up: 2-4 Days

Duration: Continuous

Fees & Costs: 45k Base


Pop-Up Bioresponsive Retreats

Set Up: 5-14 Days

Duration: Continuous

Fees & Costs: 95k Base

The space was transformed into a jungle, with huge plants generating beautiful soundscapes that were affected by your touch.


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