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Harmonic, nature-soaked soundscapes.

Botanica Anchor


Biogenerative Botanical Soundscapes

Botanica, Mileece's Botanical soundscapes, evolved from her algorithmic computer music to become bio-generative music, created by transforming the bio-emissions of people and plants into harmonic, spatialized soundscapes in a process she calls ’aesthetic sonification’.

Performed Botanical Soundscapes

Mileece performs with a simple, intimate botanical arrangement to present Botanica in its purest form, allowing the audience to experience the essence of this magical, natural connection.

Botanica Performance

Participatory Botanical Soundscapes

Mileece’s signature Botanica creates a continuous, participatory, bio-generative, harmonic soundscape animated in real-time by audience interactions with activated plants.

Botanica Participatory

Natura Anchor


Harmonic, nature-soaked soundscapes.


Captured during her travels to remote regions of the world, Mileece draws from her catalogue of bioacoustic recordings to recreate the dense, Natura atmospheres that deeply connect us with the the living earth.

Bioacoustic Nature Soundscapes

Participatory Bioacoustic Nature Soundscapes

Embedded organic and botanical sensors create a flourishing wilderness atmosphere in a fun and restorative, participant driven soundscape of birds, insects, animals, streams, rain & forests…

Natura Participatory

Performance Bioacoustic Nature Soundscapes

Mileece fuses the atmosphere with lush sounds of nature, all from her interactions with a botanical arrangement.

Natura Performance

Instumenta Anchor


Integrated, instrument-based sound works.

Hybrid Organic Electronic Soundscapes

Entwining these soundscapes with her vocals, her hand-crafted gestural interfaces and traditional instruments, Mileece weaves the dense, immersive sonic tapestry of ‘Organica’, her nature-drenched, organic electronic music.


Classical Acoustic Accompaniment

Accompanied by a local cellist, improvising with the soundscapes creates an expanded sonic experience.


Botanically Conducted Orchestra

Organicestra is a hybrid botanical orchestra of PiP conducted classical instruments, creating a live, and totally unique, multi-species, transcendent music.


Collaborative Electronica Soundscapes

The Organica journey deepens through live collaboration with electronica artist Ed Handley from Plaid, a renowned electronic music group from the UK, credited with pioneering IDM and producing live shows with Bjork.


all images concepts and materials ©mileece 2022 all rights reserved

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