A Feature Presentation on Biophilic Design & Activations for a Culture of Eco-Citizenry

Talk & Demonstration

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The Biophilosphere


Our species has a singular common, core identity, it is biophilic. From our human story of ecology to technology, Mileece takes us on a journey of how fun, awe-inspiring and innovative art and technology can reconnect us to that core and reorient us towards a biophilic future; all we have to do is choose it.

A live musical demonstration of 'Organica' Mileece's interactive plant music using PiP, combined with her bio-acoustic soundscape recordings from around the world. Performed from a small 'Botanical Arrangement' on an elevated stand.

Organica Demonstration

Mileece's 3D printed mycelia like pieces are embedded within the 'Botanical Arrangement, intricately laced with interactive, multi-coloured LED's triggered and controlled by PiP represent the electrical pathways of stimulated roots.

Lumilia Demonstration

A local cellist is invited to improvise with the Organica demonstration.

Acoustic Accompaniment