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We’re the mission... 

earth dancer, life chancer,

we’re the creatures of wow,

the guiders of now.


We’re the light enshrining space colliding electric water thriving, sound engrossed rhythm hosts ~ we’re the mind charging spine alive-ing, breathing stars divining...




the  mission


And now,

we’re dancing

the greatest mission of all time,

of the entire history

of our species -

of the history of life as we know it.


Right now, you, me And everyone we know are dancing this mission more exhilarating and extraordinary than going to the moon, more vital and wonderous than the mission to mars.


We are dancing on the mission to love on ourselves, on our planet, to love on our home. We are dancing the only mission that counts, the only mission that counts on you, that counts on me, and everyone we know and everyone we don’t know.


We are dancing

the mission of us,

the mission for every living thing that relies on us, every place of abundance that feeds us and all the creatures that love.


We are dancing

the mission

to remember         ourselves


     our world,

to redefine

what we mean

to each other

   to this planet,

     to this universe,

       to this



The mission to rejoice in love, to become love to act as love.


 The mission to make     love the energy

of what we are, where we are, who we are and how we are.


WE ARE Dancing

 the mission

  liFe - love  - PLANET    BIO  - PHILO - SPHERE. 


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