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Mileece is a sonic artist, immersive ecology designer, 
& BIOPHILIC energy 

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For the last 20 years, she has worked to merge art and technology into agnostic mediums that instigate and enliven our human connection with the hidden, living dimensions of nature.

In 2003, heralded by the BBC as an “outstanding release, real musical science”, her debut album of computer generated algorithmic music, ‘Formations’, set the trajectory for her work pioneering ‘organic electronic music’, or what she calls Organica.


During her first residency at the London School of Economics Innovation Centre, BOX,  Mileece evolved these computer generated compositions to become biologically driven. With the development of PiP (People’s Interface for Plants), her unique hardware and software system, she combined nature and music by transforming the bio-emissions of plants and people through what she calls ‘aesthetic sonification’. 


Since 2006, she has developed PiP to use these natural energies in the creation of real-time, interactive, multi-sensorial bio-environments. Touring as immersive installations and performances in museums (MoMA, NYC, Migros Museum, Zurich, TATE Modern, London), festivals (Microfest, Hong Kong, Decibel Festival, Seattle, BHIF Festival, Bhutan) and venues (Kew Gardens, London, Sonos Studios, LA, CAC, Shanghai) across the world, these works might also embed or take the form of interactive sculptures and instruments and often include spacialised, bioacoustic soundscapes she has recorded in remote wildernesses over the years. 


Her goal to ‘promote ecology through technology and the arts’ has reached over 100 million viewers, featured on prime time television broadcasts and niche channels alike (TreeWe’vr interactive travelling forest, 2013, VICE Motherboard, 2014, and NY Times advertising of the year campaign, 2013).


Mileece frequently lectures (MoMA PS1, TEDxNJ, TEDxSH, CalArts, Queen Mary University, Hong Kong University in Shenzhen, Frieze art fair, Tate London) on what she calls ‘Biophilic Technology’; community-driven, zero-emission sustainable culture, and ‘Phytophilic Design’ (UCLA, Brooklyn Botanical Garden, NY). She has published essays on topics from generative music to waste-to-energy systems (Oxford Press, Triple Canopy) and research papers for Innovate UK on distributed energy and digital currencies. 


Her 3D music compositions for nature-promoting VR have been featured at the Saatchi Gallery & Royal Festival Hall in London among other venues, winning the Tribeca Film Festival’s award in that category in 2017 and the first place on Forbes’ 2019 review of VR installations. 


Overall, Mileece has been working towards a singular vision since she was 19 years old; a network of zero-impact fuel cell powered urban wilderness sanctuaries inside technologically augmented bio-domes, viscerally connecting the urban environment to remote ecologies in real-time. As a collaborative effort between artists, pioneer technology and conservation groups, these evolutionary, immersive planetary storytelling ‘Orbia’ serve nature-based connections and solutions to the cities of a wilder earth.

Shorts about Mileece

Shorts about Mileece

Shorts About Mileece
Talks by Mileece

Talks by Mileece

Talks by Mileece
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