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The I Ching is not a book of divination, but rather a study of investigation,of principles, fulfillment of nature, and arrival at the meaning of life.”

- Liu Yiming (18th c. Taoist master)


i Oracle

Dreaming in the Future Ancient


Debut presentation CAC, Shanghai, China, Winter 2018.

official premiere, Migros museum, Zürich, Switzerland Fall 2020

I Oracle is an interactive botanical sculpture designed to help humans, plants & machine access the deep wisdom of nature and our ancestors. It interprets human and plant bio-signals as a direct and novel way to navigate the nature-based insights of the ancient system of the I Ching (the lingua-franca of computer code) and generate ethical, practical guidance via immersive light, sound, natural element simulators, symbology and text.

exploring the question of ethics in AI,

Through nature-driventechnology & cosmology.


in the future ancient